Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My friend and I were talking the other day and were trying to come up with a theme for a kid's party.  She suggested a "New Girl" themed party, which I really liked.  Although when I was trying to pull an inspiration board together for that theme, it wasn't flowing for me.  So instead I took the Zooey "hipster" vibes of which my friend had suggested and transpired it into a vibrant white and neon party.

I also know that the one major inspiration for this board was the my attendance of the Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  The concert was AMAZING and oh-so inspiring.  Here's a little shot of Chris singing "Yellow"

Now for the toddler party inspiration board which could easily be made into a poolside party.

Hipster Kids, Table Setting, Twine Wrapped Bottles, and Gift Wrap

And just to end the blog with a little viewing of the amazingness I experienced last week at the Hollywood Bowl.

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