Friday, November 14, 2014


I know this is a little late, a little over 3 months to be exact, but I had to share my daughter's 1st birthday dinner.  Fortunately we had the wonderful Melinda Jankowski ( there to take these fabulous photos!

I kept the invitations simple, and included a gold glitter movable wing so I could hide her picture underneath.

The backdrop was a fun project.  It definitely wasn't what I originally envisioned. But after I messed up,  I requested the assistance of my 5 year old to help and create this little masterpiece.  She's momma's little helper :)

I kept the cake simple so that it would set itself apart from the busy backdrop.

The banner was originally made for her 1st year photos, but I thought it worked perfectly for the party as well.

I know this was a 1 year birthday party, but we all know that these first year parties are for the adults.  So the table-setting was definitely targeted towards the mommies and daddies.

Here I created a monthly timeline for the guests to see how much she has grown over the months.

And finally here are some cute shots of the 1 year old at her party :).


Photo Credits:
Party Decor, papergoods and florals:  Erica Keuter Designs
Photography:  Melinda Jankowski Photography (
Baby Bloomers: Baby Duds Boutique (
Baby Onesie: Kourtney's Kreations (
Baby Turban:  Moose and Hippo Designs (

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  1. Erica! I love all of this!!! It looks amazing! Question: did you make here tutu? What fabric did you use? I like it better than the tulle ones I see! I want to make one like this!