Friday, December 7, 2012


This invitation package was designed for a very special person and dear friend of mine.  Her mother and sister came to me with a theme already in mind, and together we conceptualized all of the personal elements we wanted to include in the package that would give a tour of the bride's personal life experiences.

Her fiance collects vintage locks and keys, so we decided to wrap the invite suite with a key and jazz it up with a luggage tag.

Since it is a travel-themed shower, we only saw it fitting to make the invitation look like a train ticket.

Jen loves to cook, and so we came up with the idea to add in 3 recipe cards from countries she has visited.

Another thing we included in the package were "travel-themed" songs, to set the mood for the shower.

And last but not least, every guest received a vintage postcard that Jen's sister and bridesmaid chose from the Long Beach Flea Market to represent Jen and her fiance's love for flea market shopping.

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  1. Wow!! Such an amazing bridal shower. The invitations cards and post cards are adorable. Want to have something great for my cousin’s bridal shower that will be held at one of NYC wedding venues. Want to make her day outstanding.